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The Cassel household is full of lifesavers and the first born of the next generation of the mad house. From fighting fires to saving lives in the hospitals, this couple does it all. Living the small town dream is going to be how they raise their little nugget, Paxton.  

​The Rescue Crew

"Just because it's a bad idea, doesnt mean it wasn't alot of fun"

The Factory of Bad Ideas

The Wiz Kid

The Members of the Mad House

Michael Thornton is the father of The Factory of Bad Ideas. The 4x4 guru of the group, he loves to bring dinosaurs back to life with a vengeance. Big displacement and nitrous is the name of his game.

The expert in salvage and reconstruction of the aftermath of rough racing, Joshua Thornton has no limits when it comes to repairs. If you can break it, he can fix it. He is the master of reconstruction.

  Ryan Thornton is the youngest of the bunch, but he is off to a hot start in the world of technology. He loves computers and turbochargers. He is the brainiac that fine tunes everything on the technology side of the house

Mr. Fix-it

​The Archeologist